Development and sale recombinant proteins

Bamungen Laboratories

Research and develop therapeutic vaccines for human chronic diseases to improve human life with biotechnology.

Our technologies

Using Escherichia coli expression system to produce protein has been recognized as fast and low cost method. Although the produced protein lacks post-translational modifications that affect the protein structure, It has no effect on vaccine antigens that induce immune responses with short peptides (epitopes).

In addition to vaccine antigen designs, we are proficient in recombinant DNA technology, E. coli fermentation , protein purification and refolding, and protein freeze-drying technology.

We also accept customized cases or cooperation projects such as gene selection, protein fermentation production, and vaccine antigen development.


Bamungen Laboratories Co., Ltd was founded on June 08, 2018 and is located in the Biomedical Park of Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, ROC.

Bamungen is a company that specializes in development and sale recombinant proteins (mostly are vaccine antigens). We use bacterial (E. coli) expression system to produce affordable recombinant proteins and sell them to diagnostics and vaccine companies to develop their products.